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Support Small Businesses!

1. Cheaper is not always better. Large scale businesses and corporations can sell their mass produced products at a lower price, but how is this possible? Outsourcing to international factories where possible harmful work conditions and practices can definitely provide a cheaper product, but what kind of quality can the consumer expect?

2. Large businesses aren’t ALWAYS cheaper. Small businesses offer discounts to their customers to stay competitive with the mega-corporations. Loyal customers generally receive even larger concessions.

3. Small companies care about their customers.  The “little guys” remember their clientele. Small businesses are more apt to be there for them in a pinch as well.

4. Keep the “American Dream” alive! When you buy from a small business, you’re supporting a family; families produce high quality, eco-friendly products and have a high level of ethics. The “American Dream” also requires a platform for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to train in. The “little guys” create this environment and mentor the future business owners of this country.

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