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Advantages of LED lighting in your optical displays 

* An LED bulb lasts up to 50,000 hours vs. a halogen bulb which lasts 2,000 hours.

* Don’t worry, not all LED lighting has that blue tint. LED lighting has expanded and now warmer colors are available; speaking of temperature… LED lighting is cool to the touch, unlike halogen bulbs, which give off enough heat to melt eyeglass frames…(Believe us, we’ve seen it!)

* Halogen lights give off a good amount of heat. Imagine 6 frame display cases with three lights each in a 1,000 square foot space. Not only does this commission your air conditioner to come on and cost you money, but you chance making your customers uncomfortable (either too hot or too cold)…

* The annual energy cost for one display case with 3 LED lights is $21. Halogen lights cost $108 to run. That’s just ONE frame display case! 

* There is a “cool factor” to LED lighting… the next generation of young people like the pursuit of fashion and new things. LED is a new style of lighting product. LED is energy saving, protects the environment, and emits low carbon. Market to their desires!

Whether you have halogen lighting and need to retrofit, or you’re getting ready to design or open a new office, we can help you! Here are some examples of LED lighting in some offices we’ve done…

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